We ask the tough, but essential time and money saving questions up front,
so our clients can make the most informed decision before investing in

Is this the best site to develop the proposed program on?
Of the site options, which one yields the best return on investment?
What are the environmental, social and economic cost/benefits?

Insuring environmental responsibility - sustainability - (the developers
reputation 'profit') is at least as important as the dollar profit and the end of
the project day.

To find the right answers, preliminary site and regional analysis are
essential. We evaluate the site planning considerations on our
Site Planning
web page.

Nature's systems provide economic, social and spiritual value to life - they
are man's life support systems. Therefore, we apply ecological principles as
a basis for our approach to organize environments that promotes fulfillment
in life. This approach optimizes the delicate balance between social,
economic and environmental needs and goals.

Life on Earth is one man's greatest gifts. The way of successful living is
determined by application of both natural and man-made laws. Obedience to
these laws establishes the foundation upon which all worthy achievement

Ecological systems and related sciences, including the hydrologic cycle,
carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, climatology, geology, topography,
photosynthesis, photoperiodism, form a network of influences that must be
understood to perform responsible environmental planning+design services.
Cognition and application of these principles creates better results for our
clients, and theirs.

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