Vision ©
We envision our Earth inhabited with life,
living in order, unity, harmony, and peace.
In short - Healthy Balanced Living.

(A lofty goal indeed – but what’s a vision for?!
We would rather shoot for the stars and hit the moon,
than shoot for a mud puddle and score a direct hit!)

Mission ©
To invest exceptional talent,
work synergistically with stakeholders
to balance cultural, environmental & economic drivers,
to plan & design beautiful sustainable environments
so that they delight human desires
and promote healthy, productive living for all life forms.
In short…
To create beautiful places where people love to live!

The Biosphere Group Goal
To become an internationally respected provider
of excellent professional service
that sustains core human values of God, family & country,
and improves the quality of life for all living things on Earth,
through our environmental planning+design,
landscape architecture+building architecture designs,
and by building and maintaining
beautiful, sustainable places.

Design Philosophy
Life on Earth is a rich endowment of opportunity to learn, to love, and to leave a legacy.
Earth’s Nature provides life-sustaining ecosystem services.
Only man can reason and has the power to live in harmony with or destroy these natural ecosystems.
Therefore, man has a sacred trust for stewardship for the Earth.
The quality of our life on Earth depends in large measure on Earth’s health.
Healthy Balanced Living© is created by understanding and application of both natural and man-made laws.
Obedience to these laws establishes the foundation upon which all worthy achievement rests.
Like a fountain of life-giving spring water that flows from its natural ecosystem source,
we apply the source-of-life ecological principles as a basis for our approach to planning+design.
Application of these guiding principles in organizing environments to meet mankind’s social desires within economic
opportunities, results in environments that promote human happiness and fulfillment.