East Office: Georgia
West Office (coming soon): Utah



  • 1996 Centennial Summer Olympic Games        
  • Represented The Georgia Institute of Technology to the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG)
  • Participated in programming and planning for the following: Olympic Village, Olympic Festival/International Zone,  
    Olympic Aquatics Center,  Alexander Memorial Coliseum Boxing Venue, Olympic Village Transportation Center, Olympic
    Village operations, United States Department of Defense Olympic Village Security System, Olympic Natatorium Advisory
  • Represented Georgia Tech on the ACOG/Atlanta City ‘Look of the Games' Committee.
  • Secured $250,000 of free landscaping from Trees Atlanta for the Olympic Village. Designed and coordinated installation.
  • Provided Georgia State Attorney General with tactical strategy and technical expertise to negotiate a 10-fold increase
    from the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games in Campus restoration funds from a proposed $70,000 to $750,000.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Campus Master Planner & Campus Landscape Architect - 30 years
  • Produced Sector Plans for the Campus Master Plans
  • Managed capital projects and related consultants
  • Planned and designed landscape projects - plazas, courtyards, fountains, streetscapes, athletic fields, pedestrian
    corridors, gardens, wayfinding, campus signage, gateways; in summary, all inter-building spaces.
  • Presented projects for the Capital Development Office to secure funding from potential donors
  • Directed implementation of Georgia Tech’s 1991 & 1997 Campus Master Plans
  • Developed planning parameters and supported planning process of two 25 member Master Planning Committees

  • Georgia Tech Plaza
  • Managed design and development of this pedestrian heart of Campus that served as ACOG’s Olympic International
    Festival Space.
  • Strategized with Tech’s Vice-President for External Affairs and persuaded an influential alumnae to make the largest
    single contribution ($750,000) to the project, which was the key catalyst that advanced a 15 year goal to reality.
  • Developed and made presentations to Georgia Tech's 40th and 50th Reunion Class Officers who selected this project
    over a dozen other presentations made by College Deans.
  • Coordinated raising $1,870,000 in donated funds, the largest Alumnae donation in Georgia Tech’s history for site
  • Chaired the Design Review Committee composed of 12 individuals representing diverse interests from Colleges,
    Schools, Alumni, and students along with the consultant team during the 3-year project.
  • Managed the project to a successful completion within budget and on time for the Olympic Games.
  • The Georgia Tech Plaza site was broadcast to an estimated 2,100,000,000 TV viewers around the World during the 21
    days of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games as the backdrop for the NBC Today Show.

  • Atlantic Station
  • Represented Georgia Tech on Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit “E” Board to work with Jacoby Development and
    the City of Atlanta to plan the redevelopment of the Atlantic Steel brownfield site. This 144-acre site is the largest single
    parcel of urban redevelopment in the United States since the Civil War.
  • Worked with the team to identify Midtown, Ansley Park, Loring Heights, Sherwood Forest, Home Park, Ardmore 28th
    and Georgia Tech neighborhood issues and opportunities, establish priorities, resolve concerns, negotiate with the
    developer, and strategize zoning, planning and implementation methodology.

  • Atlanta Midtown Master Planning
  • Represented Georgia Tech on the Midtown Alliance Master Plan Committee to guide development of their Blueprint.

  • Midtown Atlanta Alliance Advisory Board
  • Represented Georgia Tech on the Midtown Alliance Advisory Board to coordinate our Campus Master Plan with the
    Blueprint Master Plan on implementation planning and design. (1998 to 2002)

  • Atlanta BluePrint Master Plan / Streetscape & Pubic Spaces Committee
  • Represented Georgia Tech on these sub-committees to guide planning and design for streetscapes and public spaces.
    Streetscapes include Peachtree Street, Piedmont Avenue, West Peachtree Street, Spring Street, 10th Street, & 14th

  • Society for College and University Planning
  • Presented a paper at the 2001 Annual Conference in Boston, Mass. with MIG, Inc. and Square Peg Design entitled “The
    Wayfinding Master Plan for the Georgia Institute of Technology.”
  • Presented a paper at the 1993 Annual Conference of the in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Sasaki Associates entitled “The
    Role of the Campus Master Plan in Olympic Development at Georgia Tech”

  • City Planning / Sustainable Urban Development Graduate Course
  • Worked with four classes of graduate students at Georgia Tech in Professor Anne Steineman’s course on sustainability.
  • Presented 'real life' issues of the GT Campus Master Plan and advised students on project scope and development.

  • American Medical Association Economic Summit Conference
  • Presented Georgia Tech’s ‘A Matter of Degree’ neighborhood planning issues in Burlington, Vermont as their honorary

  • City of Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit “E” (NPU-E)
  • Represented The Georgia Institute of Technology on the NPU-E Board, which is one of 24 neighborhood-planning units
    in Atlanta that handles 75% of all the zoning, special exception and variance requests in the City.
  • My involvement built trust between Georgia Tech and her neighbors, healed relations, and facilitated teamwork to achieve
    mutually beneficial development goals that resulted in win-win outcomes.

  • Metro-Atlanta Urban Watershed Initiative  (MAUI)
  • Represented Georgia Tech on the Atlanta’s City-wide initiative to improve watersheds in the 7 metro-county region
  • Developed plans for riparian right-of-ways to reduce non-point source pollution, and managing storm water on-site by
    restoring hydrologic cycles thus restoring stream base flows and reducing downstream flooding and drought.

  • Corporation for the Olympic Planning in Atlanta (COPA)
  • Represented Georgia Tech to COPA, a Citywide organization created to plan, design, and implement Olympic related
    development within the Olympic Ring before and after the 1996 Summer Games.
  • My involvement facilitated a coordinated development effort between GT’s North Avenue Research Area and COPA’s
    North Yards Business Park.

  • City of Atlanta Pedestrian Safety Task Force
  • Served at Georgia Tech's representative to this task force appointed by the Mayor from which Atlanta’s pedestrian
    advocate organization called PEDS was created.

  • Community Planning Liaison
  • Coordinated planning with Home Park, Midtown, Centennial Place Homes, Bellwood Neighborhood, English Avenue
    Neighborhood, Antioch Baptist Church Redevelopment Corporation and business entities.

  • Community Spokesperson & Chief Strategist
    Successfully led over 1,000 community members and presented their cases to County Board of Commissioners in two major
    battles lasting several years with Blue Circle, Inc, and Crymes Industries, Inc., and won both! The Crymes controversy was
    the second largest in the history of DeKalb County, which reached the Georgia Supreme Court. Neighborhood involvement
    eventually prevailed over formidable big-business coercion, and Crymes’ best lawyers.

  • General Faculty Member - The Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Elected member for professional accomplishments. Member for 29 years. Served on numerous design review
    committees for student classes in the College of Architecture.

  • Foreign Study and Travel
  • Studied at the Universidad De Los Andes, Venezuela, SA, learned Spanish and Latin American culture, travel &
    research in Columbia, SA, and England.


  • Campus Master Planner
  • Facilitated implementation for all capital projects
  • Developed Institute planning parameters and process for managing the 1997 campus master planning project. Assisted
    in consultant selection and provided staff support for the planning process.
  • Facilitated WRT to develop the 1997 Campus Master Plan.
  • Developed sector plans and additional studies required for the effective site-specific design integration with the campus
    fabric, CMP and Mission.
  • Managed planning & design consultants
  • Wrote proposal to organize a new Capital Planning & Space Management Office for Senior Administration
  • Wrote procedural guidelines for the Planning & Design Commission
  • Organized and chaired the first Georgia Tech Master Plan Student Advisory Committee to work more closely with
    students in the process of implementing the Campus Master Plan.
  • Coordinated campus master planning, design and construction with the Student Government Association, the Campus
    Planning and Safety Committee and The Environmental Forum.

  • Campus Landscape Architect
  • Managed Campus Master Planning & Landscape Architecture with a staff of 6 professionals.
  • Worked with interdisciplinary design teams on all projects
  • Instrumental in developing and managing the planning process of the 1991 Campus Master Plan.
  • Coordinated Institute planning with The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games to adapt Georgia Tech’s campus as
    the Olympic Village for the 1996 Centennial Summer Olympic Games where 16,000 international athletes and officials
    from 197 countries.
  • Provided site planning for all new capital improvement totaling $250,000,000 in new facilities and $100,000,000 in
    infrastructure improvements; the largest growth in the shortest time in the history of Georgia Tech.
  • Managed consultant planning & design services for Georgia Tech’s 400-acre urban campus with a daily population of
    20,000 students, faculty, and staff.  
  • Managed fund raising, planning, design and development
  • Coordinated with the City of Atlanta and the P.A.T.H. redevelopment of Techwood/Clark Howell Homes (the oldest public
    housing project in the nation), planned for personal rapid transit service within the Campus connected to MARTA’s
    Midtown and North Avenue Stations, assisted with planning the multi-modal Vertigate for Midtown Atlanta,
  • Coordinated with the City of Atlanta zoning and review process
  • Established the first re-cycling program on Campus working with GT’s Environmental Forum.
  • Traveled with a team of Georgia Tech representatives to England to inspect En-Tou-Cas installations of Sport-Turf
  • Managed installation of the largest Sport-Turf field in the USA.
  • Correlated planning and design with The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.
  • Managed staff landscape architects in planning, design and contract document preparation.
  • Directed consultant selection process.
  • Provided contract negotiation, bidding, and construction management services
  • Assisted the Georgia Tech Foundation and the Georgia Tech Athletic Association, separate legal entities of Georgia
    Tech, in developing the Chandler Baseball Stadium, the George Griffin Track, the Earle E. Bortell Outdoor Tennis
    Center, Bill Moore Indoor Tennis Center and the Edge Athletic Center.
  • Provided construction inspections, coordinated with Landscape Services at Plant Operations Division
  • Facilities Office representative to Alumni for project development and implementation of reunion gifts, including the first
    visitor center.
  • Served on the Centennial Planning Committee to celebrate Georgia Tech’s 100th Anniversary.
  • Coordinated with student planning organizations

  • The Biosphere Group
  • Provided consulting services in landscape architecture, urban planning & design, land planning and master planning.

  • The Real Estate Analysis Group
  • Provided real estate development and investment analysis, real estate research and development feasibility studies.

  • United States Forest Service
  • Conducted site analysis, design, recreation planning, preparation of construction drawings, labor and cost material
    estimates, and pollution abatement program field analysis.
  • Uinta National Forest, Provo, Utah.


  • Community Spokesman
  • Served several times as the community spokesman for the Dekalb South Chamber of Commerce, the City of Lithonia,
    the City of Stone Mountain, 60 Positive Action Lithonia Businesses, 566 southeast Dekalb County Petitioners, and
    residents of Lake Capri in presentations to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.

  • Chief Community Strategist
  • Personally prepared and delivered several presentations to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners
  • Blue Circle Aggregates, Inc. - Lead strategic case preparation, research coordination, identification of community
    concerns. Negotiated with Blue Circle to amend their plans to develop heavy industrial uses adjacent to residential, which
    would reduce neighborhood quality and housing values. Developed step-down zoning to establish appropriate
    adjacencies and buffers between incompatible land uses. Negotiated to a win-win agreement to petition the County to re-
    zone. Presented proposal to DeKalb County Planning Board and the Board of Commissioners, which was accepted.
  • Crymes Industries, Inc. - Successfully opposed Industries application to re-zone a large parcel of woodland in southeast
    DeKalb County to use as a regional landfill.  This issue was the second largest controversy in the history of the County
    and reached the Georgia Supreme Court.  I made two presentations to the County Board of Commissioners that resulted
    in the citizens I represented winning over formidable big-business coercion, and Crymes, best lawyers.

  • 5 college/university degrees in landscape architecture, environmental sciences and ornamental horticulture - Summa or
    Magna Cum Laude graduate from all (Additional details not posted for ID Theft security reasons.)

  • Covey Leadership Training  
  • Project Management Course / Young, Clark & Associates
  • Pursuit of Excellence Quality Seminar / Milliken
  • Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations

  • American Society of Landscape Architects/Certificate of Merit Award
  • Design Honors / 4 semesters  
  • Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society
  • Outstanding Junior Award
  • Hilda Ward Citation for Academic Excellence
  • Fairchild Hiller American Awareness Award
  • Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society
  • Long Island Horticultural Foundation Scholarship
  • Dean's List for 5 years

  • Licensed Landscape Architect #417, Georgia 1975-Present
  • Society for College and University Planning
  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Georgia Water Wise Council /Board of Directors
  • National Xeriscape Council
  • Little League Coach
  • Extensive Church leadership & service
  • Patented the Sno-Ski-Pak - Jacorba Enterprises

  • AutoDesk AutoCAD
  • AutoDesk Architectural Desktop
  • VectorWorks Landmark & Architect (Design Suite)
  • Pro Landscapes
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe Photoshop