As one client put it, we provide "Fantastic designs for unique sites!"

Through innovative design we provide our clients with a better quality of life
that is good for you and your family. We serve  clients best when we
develop   a  friendship. Understanding them and their families enable us to
tailor designs to individual lifestyles and needs.

We employ a holistic approach to design solutions to provide environments
that are healthier - more productive - more enjoyable to live in! We begin by
understanding the site (views, vegetation, solar patterns, wind direction,
topography, drainage, utilities etc.) and then understanding what the client
wants to experience.

Our holistic design process is a unique integration architectural design,
green  building technologies, landscape architecture, the environmental
sciences,  and my clients' program - integrated solutions for better living.

Our combination of design expertise and application of enviromental
principles  creates functional and aesthetic buildings. We employ the following
in our planning design process:
  • Programmingwe work synergistically with clients to define their vision.
  • Site Evaluation & Selection – comprehensive site inventory, analysis
    and evaluation against Program requirements reveals the best site.
  • Holistic Design Process – landscape architecture + building
    architecture + environmental sciences integrated to capitalize on each
    sites’ opportunities and constraints while designing places to live, work
    and play - in short, bioclimatic architecture.
  • Natural Day Lighting "It is by way of glass that the sunlit space
    becomes the most useful servant of a higher order of the human
    spirit" Frank Lloyd Wright. Daylight modeling improves human
    performance, increases production efficiency, reduces operating costs
    and yields greater happiness.
  • Healthy Home Design - "Solar Powered Living Oxygenation/Air
    Filters" TM improves indoor air quality. We use phytoremediation - air
    quality improvement including oxygenation & toxin sequestering utilizing
    a solar furnace/greenhouse, that also grows food, flowers & fish. These
    unique air filters biomimic natural systems using specially selected
    plants and soils whose foliage & microbes metabolize & sequester toxic
    volatile organic compounds. Traditional mechanical filters only catch
    airborne particles like dust & pollen.
  • Reduced Energy Consumptionenergy modeling to lower operating
    cost, utilizing Nature’s heating and cooling technologies, capitalizing on
    seasonal solar & wind patterns, and optimizing performance of the
    thermal envelope.
  • Passive Solar Designsolar path analysis, solar furnace harvesting,
    solar wall amplifying, and thermal mass storage of the sun’s energy.
  • Radiant heating – a system that utilizes multiple energy sources to heat
    like the sun.
  • Resource Independence - electrical generation, rainwater harvesting,
    grey water reuse.
  • ‘Green’ Design+Construction - building practices and material
    selections that minimize adverse impact on ecology of Earth.
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) directed
    design solutions.
  • Feng Shui – oriental principle of energy flow applied to design that
    create more comfortable spaces to live in.

Biosphere Architecture approaches design in a unique way. We integrate
landscape architecture with building architecture with an understanding of
environmental sciences to produce structures that perform better. The result is
environments (building & site) where people are happier, more productive,
healthier, and owners save money.

These factors make our designed environments more sustainable – and
desirable - places to live.

We work with our clients to develop the programs. We inventory and analyze  
site features and systems, including views, solar patterns, wind influences,
topography, geology, soil types, vegetation, drainage, utilities, noise
influences, and transportation corridors. We help clients identify LEED goals
for the building. Then we apply our expertise in passive solar technologies,
healthy building criteria, the bio-technology of NASA’s long term space travel
systems to both oxygenate and filter indoor air, bio-mimicry, and green
building practices synergistically with our clients to produce the most
environmentally sustainable solutions.

Integrating these disciplines and technologies enables buildings to be more
comfortable, healthy, enjoyable, and functional. They typically utilize ¼-1/2 of
the operating costs of similar sized buildings.

In summary…we provide beautiful integrated solutions that enhance living &

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